Welcome to your new puppy

Puppy Grooming Package

Our Puppy Grooming Package is an ideal start to your new puppy's grooming regime. The first 18 weeks of your puppy's is a critical socialisation phase of their development, our Puppy Grooming Package is designed to build your puppers confidence at an early age. Consisting of 5 grooming visits over 5 weeks we will pamper your puppy in a calm and relaxed environment to slowly build their tolerance to grooming putting them on the right track for a pleasant grooming experience for life!

The package consists of five grooming visits where your puppy will receive a luxurious full body shampoo, coat conditioning, blow dry and brush followed by a delightful deodorising spray. We'll also throw in a FREE comb and a hands on lesson on how to maintain your puppy's coat!

As we are deeply passionate about getting your puppy's life started on a great foundation we offer this package from $99 which covers all 5 visits.

Due to the narrow window of your puppy's development this package is only available for puppies aged between 12 and 16 weeks of age.

Call Us today to book in for this wonderful package.