The cold weather is here, so is matting, these simple steps can help keep your dog matt free and comfortable this winter!

Dog matting

Matted dog hair is one of the worst grooming issues your dog can encounter, not only is it unsightly it can be very painful for your pooch. There are different types of matting, knots that tend to happen behind ears, and underarms. Matting that isn’t so compacted and can be brushed out with patience and compact matting where it’s actually matted to the skin and the only way to fix is to clip it all off. In severe cases, the dog may have to be seen by a vet and be sedated to have the matting removed.

Matting is caused by loose shedding hair, that gets tangled in the remainder of the hair. Having Matts is painful for the dog. It pulls on their skin and in severe cases stops them from being able to move in certain ways. Quite often matting leads to bruising on the skin and skin irritations.

The best way to avoid any traumatising experiences is to follow these simple steps.


A good nutritious diet will add shine and nourishment to your dog’s coat and skin. Good quality dry dog biscuits, fresh meats, sardines in spring water, fresh vegetables and fruits. You can find out more about diets by researching online or why not have a chat with us on your next visit about nutrition advice.

Keeping clean

Regular grooming visits, for a wash and tidy we recommended 4-6 weeks, this will keep them fresh and Matt free. By ensuring regular grooms, each visit will be cheaper and will be no extra de-matting fees.

Brush regularly and choosing the correct brush

Brushing your dog 3 times a week if not every night for 10 mins. Not only will this create a bond for you both, it will keep knots and matting away.

But first, you need to have the correct brush for your dog’s fur type, please feel free to ask us what brush would suit your doggo. The first rule with any brush is to make sure it doesn’t hurt you, if it’s sharp it’s going to be sharp on your fur baby too.

Secondly, dogs get split ends, Yes just like our hair! Ripping and brushing vigorously will lead to split ends, which then leads to knitting and matting, to prevent this from happening you need to use a detangler. We recommend Pro Groom, which you can spray on before you start brushing. This will create a beautiful shine and help lift out any knots.

Lastly, when brushing your dog, you need to make sure you aren’t just gliding over there top coat. By pulling the fur back and lifting from the roots you are sure to lift out any knots that may be forming.

Matted coat

Dog matting