Full Groom

Our Full Groom package is ideal to treat your dog with a thorough wash and a full body clip to a length of your choice. Your furry friend will be pampered with a luxurious full body shampoo twice, coat conditioning, blow dry and brush, a complete body clip and face, feet and bottom trim, and to finish it all off delightful deodourising spray to keep them smelling fresh.

To keep your doggo's coat in tip-top condition, we recommend booking in an Express Wash between your regular grooming appointments, doing so will keep their coat looking stunning and the envy of all dogs at the dog park!

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Full Groom

Our full groom caters for dog's who need a total groom and styling.

Full Groom Process

Coat Assesment

When you first arrive at Snip Dog Grooming Studio, we will run through a coat assessment to establish the current condition of your dog's coat. This allows us to discuss with you your requirements and understand what treatments are best for your furry friend.

Suds Up! Shampoo Treatment

To start your dog's pampering we will treat them to a luxurious shampoo treatment. Using the highest quality dog-safe products, we will thoroughly shampoo your dog's coat twice removing all traces of odours, grit and grime that they've may have picked up in their adventures.


Following from a relaxing shampooing, we condition your best friends coat with the highest quality dog-safe conditioner, this will leave their coat feeling lovely and soft sealing in moisture and shine that will last for weeks.

Time to dry things off

After leaving the bath your dog will be lightly towel dried to remove any excess water, we'll then blow dry and brush out your dog's coat at a lovely and warm temperature.

Brush & Comb

After we dry your doggo we will continue to brush and comb their coat, removing any knots and tangles ensuring it is in perfect condition.

Super Style 

Now your dog’s coat is in great condition we will complete a full clip to your desired length, and face, feet and bottom trim. You and your dog will love their new look! 

Finishing Up

To finish up we will trim your dog's nails to keep them in check, and we'll treat your dog's coat with a beautiful smelling deodourising spray leaving your best friend smelling wonderful and ready for a play!

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